SeaShore Systems

Shore Manager

Clear overview of the fleet

Ther Shore Manager is an additional software to WRH enabling the central monitoring of all vessels in the shore based office. Data of work hours can be exported from each vessel in individual intervals, can be transferred by email or by automatic file transfer to the shorebased office and can be imported into the Shore Manager. Different levels of cumulation are available there:

  • fleet
  • vessel
  • seafarer
  • working day

The Shore Manager shows you  in overviews the average working hours per day and the number of rest non-conformities. You can move around the different views to the data for each seafarer and see exact the same pages that are visible on board. In the Day view, you can see each hour worked and applied exceptions and comments entered. A complementary statistics show more figures and overtime.


Fleet overview

In the Shore Manager you can organize your fleet and group vessels as requested, e.g. by type, owner, etc. You get a quick overview of the rest period compliance and the workload of all vessels.



Crew of a vessel

With the Crew Summary the Shore Manager provides an overview of all crew members of a selected vessel. Here you see the average working hours and the number of rest hour violations. These fields can be marked in color if predefined limits are exceeded.


Individual data of a seafarer

In this view the Shore Manager shows the monthly data of a selected seafarer of a particular vessel. In the left column, the Shore Manager shows seafarers having non-conformities in red. The right part of the page corresponds to the respective page of the ship version of WRH. It marks days with deviations with a red exclamation mark, colored safety-related work yellow and marks days when the ship's clock was set.


Convenient Data Transmission

Depending on the technical capabilities of your vesels, data transfer between ship and office can be done automatically or manually.

  • In the automatic version data of WRH on board are exported at fixed intervals as specified by you (eg, monthly, weekly, daily) and stored in a very small file in a specified directory. Your satellite communications service transfers this transfer file to your server in the shore office and stores them in a defined directory. The Shore Manager checks regularly this directory and processes the transfer files.
  • For manual transmission WRH offers a menu item to export data. The generated file can be sent as an email attachment to the shore office and is imported manually or automatically into the Shore Manager.


 Manueller Datenexport aus WRH


More information

Please contact us to get more information about WRH and Shore Manager. We are happy to provide you with a free of charge version for testing.