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On this page we explain how WRH analyses the regulations of MLC 2006 and exemptions as per STCW Manila Amendments, 2010:

The following 5 requirements apply, together:


minimum of 10 hours rest within any 24 hour period

2. these 10 hours of rest must not be devided into more than two periods
3. one of these two periods shall be at least 6 hours

the interval between two rest periods must not exceed 14 hours

(or from another perspective: a seafarer must not work longer than 14 hours without a rest period)

5. 77 hours rest within any 7 day period

according to MLC 2006, Standard A2.3 § 5 - 6


These regulations are not limited to one calendar day but apply over the date limit for two days as well.


10 hours rest within 24 hours



10 hours rest devided into no more than two periods


Duration of one rest period at least 6 hours


Interval between two rest periods ( = work period) min. 14 hours


77 hours rest in 7 days



STCW Chapter VIII Section A-VIII/1 Regel 9 allows flag States to establish following exemptions from work and rest hours regulations:

Exemption from the rule mentioned above at no. 5 (77 hours rest within 7 days):

  • The rest hours shall be at least 70 hours within 7 days.
  • This exemption is limited to two consecutive weeks only.

In WRH allows to activate the exemption rules (password protected). In the below example WRH has identified a non compliance related to that regulation. By clicking onto the button Exemptions you can make use of this feature.


The following window opens:


Exemption from the regulation mentioned above under no. 2 (10 hours to be devided into no more than two periods):

First, WRH identifies and displays the non compliance as follows:

At Thursday, 02. the requirement of 10 hours rest was met, however devided into three periods. WRH has identified and displayed this as a non conformance.

Now you can make use of the exemption by clicking onto the button Exemptions: