SeaShore Systems


The analysis of marine casualties over a long period has identified the fatigue of seafarers as the main cause. Therefore, the IMO has already begun in the 1990s, with detailed studies of fatigue of seafarers.

Also with the help of sleep researchers they have come to the conclusion that insufficient sleep severely affects the mental performance of people, reduces attention and concentration and therefore enables or even causes accidents.

Please read information published by  IMO and the  GUIDANCE ON FATIGUE MITIGATION AND MANAGEMENT.

The analysis of maritime accidents, particularly of groundings and collisions, has identified fatigue as a major cause. Please read the Bridge Watchkeeping Safety Study of MAIB (Maritime Accident Investigation Branch).

This research and investigations have led to the conditions laid down in the STCW and the MLC 2006 rest periods rules.

A shipping company being responsible for the safety management according to ISM has to provide conditions for safe work and monitor compliance with these regulations. After an accident, the investigating authorities may allege the organization for organizational culpability if rest period violations were not identified regularly or even were tolerated.


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