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Besides WRH there are also software products from our competitors, and self made solutions to document and monitor the rest. We have tested a number of these products and have observed, in particular in Excel-based products, that not all of the rules of the MLC are considered properly.

If you are running such a solution today, perform the following tests or answer those questions:
  • Does the software calculate the rest of any 24 hour, i.e. also on the border between two days, so as from Tuesday 15:00 to Wednesday 15.00? It is not enough to consider only the period of the calendar day!
  • Does the software calculate rest periods within any 7 days from any hour (e.g. from Thursday 11:30 to 11:30 clock next Thursday? It is not enough to consider only whole 7 calendar days!
  • Does the software combine all  5 rules of the MLC 2006 at the same time? And error free?
  • Is the software able to consider the exceptions of the Manila Amendments? (i.e. dividing the 10-hour rest period into three sections or just 70 hours rest period within 7 days)
  • Are these tests carried out directly at each input of a working hour (as WRH does) or do you have  to start a check routine manually (e.g. by clicking a button)?
  • Can the software handle exceptions for safety drills and other safety-related work?
  • Does the software consider crossing time zones or the date line?
  • Does the software allow to plan ahead of working hours in order to identify deficiencies as early as possible?
  • Does the software calculate all rest rules correctly when entries are changed later, e.g. to correct erroneous entries?
  • How easy is it to use the software, i.e. how many clicks and inputs are required?
  • How easy and intuitive can the software be learned?
  • Are the data entered protected against change (requirement of flag States)?
  • Have all crew members access to their data at any time (requirement of flag States)? Is privacy guaranteed?
  • Can the softwareprint the Table of Shipboard Working Arrangements in the format of the flag States (requirement of flag States)?
  • Can the software print the monthly list of work and rest periods with signature field for the Master and the seafarer (requirement of flag States)?
  • Can the software export data on working hours, overtime (based on individual contracts and national holidays) for wages accounting?

If you can confirm your software solution meets all these questions today, we congratulate. Please compare the price you pay with the favorable terms of WRH!


WHR costs about 1 Cent (€) per seafarer per day for an average vessel.

What is the price for one day Detention compared to that?