SeaShore Systems


MaSy is a Planned Maintenance System. It has been developed to meet the requirements of the ISM Code, chapter 10.

With the help of MaSy you can

  • flexibly define the structures of ship's appliances and equipment
  • create an unlimited number of appkiances and units (e.g. aux. engine)
  • define appliances as 'critical equipment'
  • establish unlimited number of measures for each appliance with calendrical and operational intervals  (e.g. filter change every 500 running hours)
  • relate the measures to particular ranks on board (e.g. 2nd eng.)
  • establish detailed instructions for each measure
  • monitor the due measures and remaining time and running hgours
  • document the work done
  • document non-conformities identified and establish and trace and document corrective actions
  • transfer the data of the work done including next due measures to the shorebased company

To complete the on-board software MaSy you may use MaSy shore in the office. A superintendent can have an overview of all maintenance data on one platform.  By several layers of filters data can be searched and displayed, and this works also for all vessels together.