SeaShore Systems


MarThA assists you conducting Maritime Threat Assessment, i.e. risk assessment according to ISPS.

The ISPS Code requires shipowners to identify and assess security threat. As a consequence risk mitigating measures have to be established and implemented.

With MarThA you can

  • establish an unlimited number of threats (scenario)
  • calculate the consequences score for persons, economy and eco-system of each threat
  • calculate the vulnarability score for the accessability and organic security of each threat
  • assess the threat by a total score
  • plan an unlimited number of mitigation measures
  • establish relevant mitigation measures to minimize the threats
  • print a set of risk analysis and assessment to include this in the Ship Security Plan

MarThA has been designed considering the recommendations of the US Coast Guard NVIC 10-02. MarThA has been developed for the shore based office and is used typically by the Company Security Officer (CSO). You may manage the data of your entire fleet with MarThA. To ease your work MarTha allows copying data from one vessel to another.